Assorted Produce

Fresh Produce Combo Box

A large assortment of fresh produce. Great price and save on packaging! Produce in the combo box: Bell, Mini Bell, Sweet Long Peppers, Long English and Mini Cucumbers, TOV, Cherry…
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Mini Cucumbers

Approx. 1 lb bag of fresh mini cucumbers.
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Long English Cucumber

2 delicious Long English cucumbers.
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2 large, fresh eggplants.
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Leaf Produce

Micro Greens

Fresh micro greens, locally grown by Hannah’s Harvest.
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Large, fresh head of lettuce
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Fresh Kale

Large bag of fresh kale.
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Mini Bell Peppers

Approx. 1 lb bag of mini bell peppers. Sweet and tasty, great for a snack!
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Large Bell Peppers

2 large, assorted bell peppers. Red, Orange or Yellow.
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Sweet Long Pepper

3 sweet long peppers. Extra sweet compared to a bell pepper.
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Jalapeno Peppers

Fresh jalapeno pepper.
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Chili Pepper

Fresh chili pepper.
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Tomato on the Vine

4 or 5 vine ripened tomatoes still on the vine.
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Roma Tomato

6 fresh Roma tomatoes.
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Beefsteak Tomato

2 large, juicy beefsteak tomatoes.
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Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes on the vine (2 vines).
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Grape Tomatoes

Fresh grape tomatoes. Approx. 1 lb.
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