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Bag of Coffee Beans

Retail beans, please call first to double check availability: 4033818605.

Fernwood Coffee Company, Victoria, BC

1. Ethiopia – “Clean and floral, candied lemon peel, delicate mouthfeel.”

2. Brazil – “Soft, sweet and creamy with winey fruit, cocoa, cherry and almond.”
Timbertrain Coffee Roasters, Vancouver, BC

1. Assembly Espresso, “A rich espresso that works well alone or with milk.”
Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters, Calgary, AB

1. Pedro Moreno, Honduras – “Notes of pink grapefruit, marzipan, chocolate. Grown in El Cedral, Santa Barbara.”

2. The Standard – “Notes of caramel, dark chocolate, orange. Grown in Santa Barbara, Honduras.”
Detour Coffee Roasters, Hamilton, ON

1. Punch Buggy Espresso – “Chocolate, nut, subtle fruit”

2. La Lía – “Nectarine, cane sugar, baking chocolate”


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